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A street DJ mix by Nathan Drew Larsen

Posted on Apr 16, 2015 by in DJ Mixes, Fresh Meat, Fresh Meat Podcast |


Starting with this 10th episode of Fresh Meat Podcast the show has changed format. Instead of simply airing a mix, most episodes will start with a series of songs played from start to finish along with conversations relating to the music, followed by a DJ mix. This new concept starts with a late night session captured between Nathan Drew Larsen and Mazi Namvar spanning music from 1974 to the present. After the first 5 songs, Nathan puts together an hour long DJ mix that he’s eloquently written about on the Hugo Ball site.


The conversation
1. Souls Found – Little Turtles (Nathan Drew Larsen Machine Mix – ASP Edit) – Fresh Meat
2. Masters At Work – The Ha Dance (Ken/Lou Mixx) – Cutting Records
3. Vincent Floyd – I Dream You – RHT
4. Reese – United (Reese Hardcore Mix) – 10 Records
5. Juju & Jordash – Deadwood City – Dekmantel

Nathan’s mix
1.  Harmonia – Sehr Kosmisch (Brain 1974)
2.  Derrick Carter – Do My Thing (Cyclo 1999)
3.  Debbie Malone – Rescue Me (Richie Rich Remix/Dub) (Krunch Records 1990)
4.  By the Pound – I Ain’t Gonna Wait (Vibe Music 1995)
5.  Lawrence – King Quail (Mule Musiq 2014)
6.  Barbara Ford – Frostbite (Clekclekboom 2014)
7.  D.J. Essentials Inc. – Love is the Message (DJ 5004 – unknown)
8.  Idjut Boys – Three (Droid 2009)
9.  No Artist – Leopard & Velvet Monkey (Nonesuch Records 1973)
10. Jeannie Hopper – How Many Tears (Acappella) (West Side Records 1999)
11. Kym Mazelle – Useless (After Hours Dub) (EMI 1988)
12. Question (Marco Carola) – untitled (from the 5th Question) (Quest 1999)
13. Kym Mazelle – Useless (A Cappela) (EMI 1988)
14. House of Black Dress (Nathan Drew Larsen) – H.O.B.D. Over Me (The Fantasy) (Fresh Meat 2006)
15. The Project (Cisco Ferreira) – Move It (R&S 1988)
16. Strontium 90 – Man You Gotta Go (G-Force Records 1988)
17. The Stooges – No Fun (Elektra 1969)
18. Jingles Yannick Chevalier – Flies Buzzing/Mosquitos (which I Nathan has retitled, “A Short Track for the Sycophants”) (ZYX 1986)

The last track
Meat Beat Manifesto – Psyche-Out (Version 1) – Play It Again Sam Records

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