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A show code-named Melba Toast’s Revenge

Posted on Oct 21, 2017 by in DJ Mixes, Fresh Meat, Fresh Meat Podcast |

Don’t let the code name throw you off. This post is about Fresh Meat Podcast 17.

It’s taken a long time to put together a new episode of Fresh Meat Podcast. The last one came out on November 6, 2016. Every time I record a new episode I think this will be the time I start doing these on a monthly basis. I’m thinking the same thing right now. I feel this way because I’ve just finished and uploaded the episode 2 days ago and I’m feeling fired up. Life has a way of extinguishing that fire. Time will tell if what I feel in this moment will bear fruit or I’ll once again get distracted by the other things that take my time and attention. Will the next episode come out in a month or a year from now?

I don’t know. But, I have a game plan this time.

I wrote a bit of text that went out with the podcast. It’s written below.

It took one year to make this episode. Actually it didn’t, it’s just been a year since the last episode was released. There are 24 tracks in this episode and a voice telling you the names of the songs, artists, and labels. It’s important to know these things.


1. Blue Fields – I Felt That It Was True featuring Danuel Tate – Haunt
2. Daryl Cura – Sun Day Three – Eargasmic Recordings
3. Letherette – Feel It – Wulf Records
4. Roy Davis Jr. & Terry Dexter – Just A Little Bit Of Love – Griffintown Records
5. World Air – Alarm – Lo Recordings
6. Neue Grafik – Roy – Beatxchangers
7. COEO – In Motion – Toy Tonics
8. Crazy P – One True Light – Classic
9. Hugo LX – Invincible Summers – Balance Recordings
10. Lauer – Tyco – Futureboogie Recordings
11. Ezel & Tumelo – Get Down – Local Talk
12. Iron Curtis – Lights – Hudd Traxx
13. Crackazat – Proton Blue – Local Talk
14. Marquis Hawkes – Zapper Bluesky – Aus Music
15. Brawther – Gsm’s Life (MLIU Dub) – Balance Recordings
16. MANIK – Fresh With It – Fresh Meat Records
17. Giom – Some Of That – Blackcherry Recordings
18. Dirtytwo – Moody (Butt Jackin’) – Local Talk
19. DEVolution – Rockin’ – Good Company
20. Honey Dijon & Tim K – Look Ahead feat. Sam Sparro – Classic
21. Craig David – What’s Your Flava? (Akufen Club Remix Edit)
22. Studio Nova – The Reason We Took It Underground (M0ZA1K Remix) – Fresh Meat Records
23. World Air – Turks and Caicos (Didcot Wave Mix) – Lo Recordings
24. MANIK – Soul Glo – Fresh Meat Records

You can download or stream this mix from the Fresh Meat website or subscribe to Fresh Meat Podcast from iTunes or Stitcher.

You can also listen to the episode using this player