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Ron Carroll Interview and 2 DJ mixes

Posted on Jan 17, 2018 by in DJ Mixes, Fresh Meat, Fresh Meat Podcast |

I’ve known Ron Carroll for almost 20 years. It only seems fitting that he is featured on the 20th episode of Fresh Meat Podcast. I interviewed him while we had pizza at Lou Malnati’s and he was nice enough to give me two DJ mixes to play on our podcast. He wasn’t able to give me track lists for his mixes so you’ll have to do some hunting on your own if you want to figure out what he’s playing. Ron is incredibly hardworking, talented, and a pure joy to be around. I hope his energy comes through in this episode.

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1. DJ Heure – Outsider Resource – All My Thoughts
2. Jono McCleery – Ingenue (Synkro Remix Instrumental) – Counter Records
3. JMF – Say – Silence In Metropolis
4. Andromo – Off the Coast – Viva Recordings
5. Niko Marks – No Room For Rage (Soul Dub) – U2XProductions Detroit
6. Logic – I Got Somethin’ (Deep Mix) – Strictly Rhythm
7. Cabaret Voltaire – Smooth (Razormaid Mix) – Razormaid Records
8. Ron Carroll – 30 Minute DJ Mix 1
9. Frak – Lane Escape – Unknown To The Unknown
10. Ron Carroll – 30 Minute DJ Mix 2
11. No Questions Asked – Validation of a DJ Track 3 – 656nq Volume 1

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