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Audio Soul Project (Mazi Namvar) is one of the most prolific House music producers to come from Chicago. He began releasing music in 1994 and has created hundreds of original songs and remixes. He has DJed all over the world and has been an A&R at several respected Chicago record labels including his own Fresh Meat Records, Gourmet Recordings and the much-missed Afterhours. A DJ for 28 years, Mazi has visited clubs like Fabric in London, Space in Ibiza, Zouk in Singapore, Crystal in Istanbul, Q in Zürich, Avalon in Los Angeles, Masai in Varna, Level in Bahrain, Red Light in Paris and Simoon in Tokyo. As Audio Soul Project he has released two multifaceted albums, “Community” in 2002 on NRK and “Hip Shake Heartache” on Fresh Meat in 2011, moving elegantly between deep house, disco and more psychedelic cadences. His productions rely heavily on live performance, inventive synthesis, real machine music, creative sampling and swingy drum programming to capture a vibe that is as dynamic as it is authentically House. The latest Audio Soul Project EPs are “Green Again” and “Beginner’s Mind”; one already released on limited edition color vinyl in March 2018 and the other forthcoming on Fresh Meat. Mazi continually works on remixes – his recent credit includes a rave inspired reworking of MANIK’s analog-powered “SH101 Dalmatians” on label Vibe Me To The Moon.