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Lomez and Symbol – I’m Yours

Posted on Oct 19, 2013 by in ASP Remixes, Fresh Meat Records |

Baltimore based Lomez has produced a beautiful and simple track entitled I’m Yours for Symbol to flow on. Symbol’s delivery is given room to evolve and does so with organic harmonies and lyrics that are reminiscent of 80s American R&B. We’ve taken our time preparing this release. There is not one note, word, or drum here that is unintended or extraneous. Lomez has written music for years under different pseudonyms and the maturity of his production shines through I’m Yours. Rather than piling on sound, he creates like a seasoned chef using ingredients that anyone else could find, but achieves a result that’s subtle and difficult to replicate. His most elusive ingredient just might be Symbol’s voice.

All remixes are from Chicago folks. Scotty Brandon gets the first retake, starting and remaining deep through a six minute workout. Scotty’s version starts with Symbol’s voice, moves along with bright syncopated hi-hats, broods with futuristic synthesizer pads, and bubbles with what sounds like a Jupiter 8 bass line. Scotty’s version tells a story – surprise key stabs and strings initiate the second act half way through. Newcomer, Arm The Natives, takes the second crack at I’m Yours. Hailing from Aurora, Illinois, ATN fuses hip hop, house, and other electronic influences to create a version that is simultaneously familiar and individual. This is ATNs first house excursion, but he has been creating for years. The playfulness with which he dubs out I’m Yours is evidence of a deep and varied toolkit. We at Fresh Meat are looking forward to more Arm The Natives in the future. The final version is by Audio Soul Project. Mazi turns in a raw dub, keeping vocals from the chorus and bridge but leaving out verses and harmonies. He writes new parts to go with Symbol’s voice, adding a snare heavy drum track, new melodic bass, and a moody organ line.

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You can also get the EP directly from Fresh Meat Records on Bandcamp.

Selected Feedback:

Mark August – Arm The Natives remix is cool.

Marco Resmann – The Arm The Natives Remix is the one for me.

Tony Humphries – Simple but wicked track!! Love the vocals as well. 5/5

Stuart Patterson – Lovin’ the original, can’t wait to play it tonight. ASP dub is hot as ever.

Brett Johnson – Wow…this is a great package!!!! Tough to pick between the ASP dub or the original……

Halo – Nice solid EP from Lomez.

Nacho Marco – Loving it!

Alland Byallo – Arm The Natives mix is the jam.

Pawas – Nice Audio Soul Project Dub.

Shur-I-Kan – Scotty Brandon and Audio Soul Project mixes are the picks for me. Underground vibes.

Sleazy McQueen – I dig the stripped vibe on the Original, nice work!

Asher Diamonds – Omar S vibes!

Jay Tripwire – Loving the ASP dub and the Scotty Brandon mix, great for the early part of the night or the mornings.

Hector Romero – I’m Yours is hot!! Can’t wait to play it! HOT!

Giom – Interesting release, thanks guys.

Murray Richardson – Another great release from Fresh Meat, nice original mix and im loving both the Scotty Brandon mix and Audio Soul Projects dub mix.

Dairmount – Really into the original… Brilliant!

Tobias Koch (Radio FRITZ / Berlin) – Love it!

Giovanni Damico – Like that vocal tune! Thanks.

Hausick – Very nice tracks.

Prinz (Radio FG / Belgium) – Great vocals!

Dean Facer (DJ Mag Hype Chart) – Magnificent!

Kris Needs (fnoob radio) – Audio Soul’s mix is quality.

Tom Baker – Nice! Thanks, Scott Brandon is top banana but all are good.