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Thoth The Atlantean

Posted on Oct 20, 2013 by in ASP Remixes |

I was asked by Chris Lum to remix a track called “The Atlantean” by new artist Thoth signed to his Moulton Media label. I am a fan of Chris’s music and have played his records for years.  I liked the bass line and string elements of the original, so I agreed to rework the track. The result is one of my favorite Audio Soul Project remixes in years. I used new and old tools in making my version; and am pleased with the raw vibe that came together in the final take. I incorporated drums from my MPC2000XL, Arturia’s Spark VDM, and the trusty NI Battery 3 drum machine. I played with sections of the original string, adding to them an organ lick and a filtered keyboard line from Logic’s Vintage B3 and EXS24 synthesizers. I wrote the bass line on the Element synth from Waves. This was the first time I used Element and was able to capture the character and sound I wanted starting from the Old House Bass preset. Creating this remix was one of my first opportunities to use Logic Pro X. Using a new environment to write music can add an air of excitement and experimentation; I think it helped me feel like a younger, fresher producer just trying things out until something ‘stuck’. I went into this remix with little idea of what I wanted as an end result and feel the playful groove that came out will remain one of my favorite ASP remixes for a long while.

You can pick up my remix from any of the following shops.


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I also got permission from the label to release my remix on Fresh Meat. You can get the track as part of the Green Again EP on vinyl or digital from the FMR Bandcamp page or you can stream on your favorite service.