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Brodanse – Sleep Won’t Come

Posted on Mar 26, 2014 by in Fresh Meat Records |

Austen and Scott Smart wrote two original tracks for Fresh Meat’s 55th release. My favorite of the two is called “Sleep Won’t Come”. I created a remix for the track with help from an old friend, John Griffin. John is a studio wizard and has been writing weird, wonderful, and funky sequenced music on his machines for years. We’ve known each other since attending the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign together back in the early 90s. You can listen to samples from this EP below.

You can read the Fresh Meat press release below followed by feedback from some of our favorite DJs and press.

Brodanse’s second EP for Fresh Meat contains three new tracks; two stylish groovers and one remix for the disheveled. Austen and Scott Smart turn in two meticulous originals. The title cut Sleep Won’t Come burns somewhere around 118 beats per minute. It is deceivingly sparse; an early morning affair replete with space and long rests between movements. The lead vocals and keyboard arpeggio at first seem counter-intuitive to the subharmonic notes of the bass and kick driven cadence. The disparate elements do, however, come into focus with drops and silences that tell the story of a murky and restless night. More To Life blazes hotter. The tightly wound clatter of More To Life is underpinned by a rumbling bass-line, beefy compressed drums, insistent pads, and a soothing vocal that seduces as much as it urges the body to move. The EP’s third track is the ‘signs and gestures’ version of Sleep Won’t Come by Audio Soul Project and Awoke. Crate diggers might remember Awoke’s material written for Classic Music Company in the late 90s. ‘signs and gestures’ is an elongated, freeform, and somewhat off the rails exercise. A Devil Fish modified TB-303 glides over much of the track, re-filtered for added chaos through an Electrix Filter Factory. Percussion comes one half courtesy of a Eurorack based modular system and the second is a mixture of samples and synthesized vintage kits.

Selected Feedback:

Doc Martin – A very good EP! More To Life and Sleep Won’t Come for me….

Shur-i-Kan – Yes lovely vibes on this.

Three – Excellent release. Sleep Won’t Come is contemporary without being derivative…the remix is a wicked rework for the bigger floors. More To Life will see plenty of dance floor action from me.

Alex Flitsch – More To Life is greatly hypnotic.

Luke McKeehan (Nordic Trax) – Feeling both originals. Beautiful stuff.

Jamie Anderson – More to Life has a wicked groove.

Marques Wyatt (Deep LA) – Tight.

Still Rob G – LOVING Sleep Won’t Come! Really great tune. Will play tonight for sure. More to Life is really cool. Nice deep and dark chugger. Also feeling the signs and gestures version – the acid was a great way to flip that and get weird.

Robbie Akbal (Get Physical/Supernature) – This sounds very nice.

Tuomas “Phonogenic” Salmela – Hot damn that’s one cheeky tango!

Jean-Jerome – Splendid! So much emotions in this track…

Q-Burns Abstract Message – Sleep Won’t Come is excellent. I kind of knew it would be as soon as I heard that soft opening chord. Emotive stuff, definitely in the playlist.

Brett Johnson – Audio Soul Project acid mix is the one for me!

Dean Facer (United Colors of House) – Beautiful and deep. Top quality release!

Atnarko – Nice one! Love the original.

Giom – Sleep Won’t Come is a really good track. Will play.

Jason Hodges – Sleep Won’t Come is very cool.

Giovanni Damico – Nice Vibe!

Kev Obrien (Manhattan Project) – Killer work with that 303 in the signs and gestures version. Really loving all 3 of the cuts on this one, great stuff guys.

You can buy the music at several online shops including BeatportJuno, Traxsource, and Apple Music.