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Frankie Vega – Chord Shift

Posted on Aug 29, 2021 by in Fresh Meat Records |

Frankie Vega press shot

In March of 2018 we released Frankie Vega’s Chord Shift on Fresh Meat Records. The following is the original press release for that EP:

Chicago underground hero Frankie Vega is born and raised in the Windy City! He debuts on Fresh Meat with two prime time slices of deep techno. Frankie has deep roots in Chicago’s techno scene starting out as a promoter, DJ, and producer during the 90s-rave era. His crew Mushgroove put on some of Chicago’s biggest warehouse raves back in the day. He continues to organize events in various Chicago venues and keeps a steady DJ schedule, regularly throwing down alongside an elite list of local and international talent. Frankie is continuously busy in the studio, creating his own brand of expressive techno, with recent offerings appearing on Grid Based Beats, UKR, and Toxic Recordings.

His two originals for Fresh Meat, Chord Shift and Tribal Shift, are based around the same stabs but take turns using different bass and rhythmic elements. Chord Shift is built around a frenetic groove with squelching acid syncopation and a familiar vocal hook. Tribal Shift pounds insistently with subsonic stabs and mad swinging percussion. The EP includes an Audio Soul Project remix flipped by Fresh Meat’s label boss Mazi Namvar. Mazi manipulates the chord stabs and vocal parts from the original, banging together an entirely new groove. A beautifully distorted kick drum underpins new filtered keys, rumbling funky bass, ecstatic modulated synth swells, and shuffling drums. You can hear new school and old school melting together into something raw and absolutely Fresh!

Mastered by Dietrich Schoenemann at Complete Mastering USA.