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Posted on Mar 3, 2021 by in ASP Productions, Fresh Meat Records |

In July of 2018 we released the Archival EP on Fresh Meat Records. The following is the write-up for that release:

The Archival series resurfaces music that is out of circulation or needs to live again in a new form – think edits, instrumentals, dubs, remixes, remasters and reinventions. The first installment of Archival features three tracks by Audio Soul Project aka Mazi Namvar. The EP opener, Fall in Love Again, is a Chicago-centric disco cut-up that originally came out 20 years ago on UC Music under a different title. Namvar never felt that the track sounded quite right – he’s always loved the production and feeling of the cut, but not the ultimate result. Here we have slightly slowed down the tempo, then given the recording to Dietrich Schoenemann who has lovingly remastered the track using an all analog signal path to preserve the original dynamics while deftly expanding the sonic depth and range. The second cut, Parts of Me, is an instrumental of a remix originally produced by ASP in 2016. All the music for the remix is composed and performed by Namvar, hence the title – these are all original ASP parts. This version has been reduced to its essential elements. This is the kind of psychedelic and spiritual future House that Chicago was known for back in 1995 and it still sounds futuristic today. The last cut of the EP is Another Refill, a frantic disco-house chugger. This is another older recording taken from a dusty DAT and then flipped for modern consumption. Another Refill has been altered in tempo with a tightened-up arrangement and carefully remastered. The Archival series aims to document House music that defies time and fashion. This is only the beginning!