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Evolutionary Advantage of Forgetting

Posted on Feb 2, 2015 by in ASP Productions, ASP Remixes, Fresh Meat Records |

Four years passed between the vinyl release of Audio Soul Project’s Hip Shake Heartache and Fresh Meat’s next record, a various artists EP named Evolutionary Advantage of Forgetting. The newer release was manufactured in the United States, cut by venerable mastering engineer Mark Richardson of Metropolis Mastering and Prairie Cat Mastering. EAoF was pressed at A&R Records in Texas and sold mainly through Gramaphone Records in Chicago. There might still be one or two copies of the record still left at the Fresh Meat Bandcamp shop.

Below you can read the original write up for this EP along with DJ feedback:

Evolutionary Advantage of Forgetting is a 300-press, vinyl only, various artists EP distributed through Gramaphone Records in Chicago. The tracks here are in the brutalist machine house vein and the source material for “We Come Together” (by Mazi as ASP and John Griffin as Awoke) will be familiar to devotees of roots Chicago House. The Brodanse brothers’ “Sleep Won’t Come” is remixed by Audio Soul Project and Awoke. Chicago based multi-instrumentalist Jonn Wallen contributes the dense “Aesthete” under pseudonym “by gordon gartrelle”. “We Come Together” is a tribute to the 90s house that inspired us to start making music years ago.

People reminisce about how things used to be better, but you must breath in the present. We keep with us those hallowed bones but let pain and suffering fade into the mist. We let memories fade in the depths of our neural web so as not to be paralyzed by the burden of sentiment. We forget to stay sane.

Selected Feedback:

Ralf Kollmann (Mobilee Records) – Exceptionally good and innovative!

Phil Darimont (Room With A View) – We Get Together is the sh…t!

DJ Lapse (Cape Town, South Africa) – Oh so nice, digging Aesthete and We Get Together the most, great stuff.

DZeta N’ Basile (Tsuba / 1 Trax) – Aesthete stands out for us, solid groove!

Alexander Maier (Mood Music / Stuttgart) – Sleep Won’t Come is super dope!

Roberto Rodriguez – Oh yes! Loving these! Mind blown.

Robbie Akbal (Get Physical / Supernature) – Sleep Won’t Come is nice.

Q-Burns Abstract Message – Wasn’t so much into track #1, but then the next two completely won me over. Both fantastic, funky, and right up my alley.

Hector Romero (SAW Recordings) – I’m feeling the groove and vocal on Sleep Won’t Come – I’m on it.

Giom – Wicked!

Giovanni Damico – Cool release! We Get Together is the one I dig more!

Kiko Navarro (Mallorca, Spain) – We Get together for me! I like the way you used the Don’t Try sample at the back. Good one!

You can now purchase Evolutionary Advantage of Forgetting through Bandcamp.